The positive and negative popularity of Kirby vacuum cleaners

Kirby vacuum cleaners are produced by the Kirby Corporation, a subsidiary of the Scott Fetzer Company. It is based in Cleveland , Ohio and mainly produces vacuum cleaners together with other home cleaning appliances. The first ever Kirby vacuum cleaner was built and sold around 1930 and ever since the company maintained a constant popularity and a lot of controversy around it. This was caused by the selling method used. The company trained and sent salesman to provide a demo and sell their products. Problems appeared with some of them because of the aggressive methods of convincing used. The company both won and lost popularity and the same thing happens at the present time. Many individuals tend to throw vacuum cleaner salesman out the door even before letting them in. The best way to purchase a Kirby vacuum cleaner is considered to be from a specialized store.

Nowadays Kirby vacuum cleaners do not seem very different to the original model. This is because the company tried to maintain the first impression and all new models maintain a retro look. Salesmen are still being used and even a hierarchical system is set up with new salesmen being able to achieve regional manager status after climbing the ladder. Let us see why problems appear. Kirby vacuum cleaners are sold by these salesmen on a commission basis. This basically means that they gain more money if the price is higher. After a demonstration known as Vac-Kill (because it also tests the current vacuum cleaner in the house and makes it look cheap, with narrow suction, inferior and dispensable) the client is offered a price. That price is a lot bigger than the actual minimum the salesman can accept. Several deductions and offers are then put on the table until the client accepts. This simple technique can cause two neighbors to buy the same vacuum cleaner with a totally different price. It sometimes can even be around $500. It is clear to see why problems and controversy always appeared around Kirby vacuum cleaners. Nowadays, with the appearance of EBAY, fewer and fewer Kirby salesmen tend to be successful because their products can be found online at only a fraction of the asking price.

Leaving the marketing topic aside you probably would like to know something about the actual Kirby vacuum cleaners. Besides the mentioned look there are many features that make it a very good vacuum cleaner. It might seem a tool used by antique cleaners but Kirby vacuums are very powerful and reliable. This exact look and construction method makes its life a lot longer and warrants the lifetime warranty presented in newer models (for instance the Kirby Ultimate G Diamond - also known as a cleaner's Diamond Edition Vacuum Cleaner). The newly implemented HEPA filtering system is a must have for modern vacuum cleaners and a normal step to take for the Kirby Corporation. Several other features can be delighting for clients but it is better for them to go into a specialized store instead of opening the door for a salesman that will take up around 90 minutes of his/her time.

Kirby vacuum cleaners are a good choice but can be too expensive for some pockets. The need for research appears once again and should be situated over reputation and impulses. You need to pay attention to anything you buy and the best example is given by reading the above lines. $500 or more is not a small amount to waste.